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Day 4 - 09/08/2011
I had hoped for a warmer day but well...
Nothing particular happened this morning, I was waiting for the rain to stop but after more than an hour I decided to go out anyway because I needed to be in time for an appointment . I had been too optimistic yesterday when I left my boots at home, sandals = wet feet = no fun :( Luckily I had my umbrella so I did not get entirely wet.

*Sobs* my trustworthy umbrella D-': 
I must have been lost in thoughts when I left my last bus because I saw it drive away and realized MY UMBRELLA! The bus was gone and there was no way I could catch up to it. What I did do was to call the public transport help line to give them the details in hope this might help. I also called in the help of [personal profile] dark_kana  but it seems like I've lost my loyal umbrella forever :( 

The evening however made me forget the umbrella-business when [personal profile] inkweaver  came over to the temporary apartment. It was such fun! Our combined forces created a lovely diner, warm goat-cheese with honey and thyme YUM XP Lots of laughter, fangirling and plain old catching up over delicious passoa. Later on the evening I feared for a moment the chocolate moelleux had traveled back to my home when they didn't turn up at my first search (so many hidden corners in a flat that isn't your own, it's even worse than in my own room ^_~) but when I came to the ingenious idea to look in the freezer, the missing desert could no longer hide. Chocolate = ♥ ♥ &hearts

My friend called me to say she had work tomorrow and we agreed to have our drink in two weeks instead. That means I'll have extra time tomorrow, maybe I'll go and buy a new umbrella already. I'm not sure but my hopes are very low to ever see my old one again and I miss it already.
Should it turn up, it always nice to have a spare one right?

I'll spend the rest of the evening following the news on the riots in England, it really troubles me.

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 I.AM.WET o_0; Through and through soaked to the bone.

The first downpour caught me unawares... The sky cleared the moment I found shelter :(
The second time I felt a raindrop I hurried inside a shop and took a look at the books (yes, it was a bookshop)...
and took a second look...
and another look...
and the rain kept pouring down with no sign of it ever getting dry again.
In the end I decided to brave the rain, taking my bike I hurried home as fast as I could cycle.
(I may have ignored a few traffic laws)
I arrived home as wet as though I had been out for at least an hour instead of 5 meagre minutes.

Ironically when I fetched a towel from my room and glanced outside it wasn't raining anymore.
If only I had taken another look at the books...


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