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I'm finally back again... It hasn't been all that long, but definitely longer than I had expected when I started the first new back-up.
A couple of weeks ago my back-up disc turned faulty because of old *cough* age, bye bye back-ups.
After long deliberation I bought the My Cloud disc. Maybe a 'simple' plug-in disc would've been better but I had become used to the the automatic back-up with time machine. It would be just like me to forget the all-important back-up just when I need it ^^; 

Though I had been warned it could take up to a day for the first back-up when I looked it up on the net, it still took me by surprise. At first my laptop estimated it would take 7h. About an hour later, this had become 12h. I thought it best to plug my laptop in directly to the My Cloud device and leave it be for the time being. Certainly, if I didn't use my laptop it would speedy the back-up, right? 
In the end it took about a day and a half before the back-up was finished. The last estimated 30min progressed painfully slow (It took about 30min to get to an estimation of 28min left o_0;) But now it's finally done. 
I foresee there will another problem now that I've un-plugged it but I reckon the hardest/longest part is done.

Something else...
This morning I was woken by the ringing of my doorbell a couple of times. Since I live in a small apartment block of six flats, I decided not to be bothered. (It has happened a couple of times the post man rang because my neighbours weren't in and someone had to sign... This time one of my other neighbours could take care of that) But I got up all the same and had a quick wash before I went out to see what the fuss was about. You see, I heard my neighbours talking downstairs. There was a little problem with the  lock of the front door from our  building, one couldn't get it open with the key from the outside. (turned out, one could with a lot of wriggling and a little force but still) Luckily our usual handyman was working nearby and he was there in a nick of time (seriously 5 min \o/ ) And took care of the problem at once.

So hurray, we can back in with the same key and the intervention costs are for our landlady.
All this was done within, what, half an hour? If only my back-up had had the same speed.   


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