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DAY 3 - 08/08/2011
I had almost forgotten to post the third day of my house keeping as it was such a lazy day. Momentarily I considered to keep it for a double post tomorrow but I just knew I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it... so here I am ^__^
It may have been a good thing too because after crossing path with a mosquito, I was nearly frightened to death on my way to my laptop by a fluttering moth o_0; Right so I didn't like to encounter  a moth, at all, we did come to an agreement it was better of outside. Very peacefully, I'm a pacifist... Besides, I once needed to kill a moth about a year ago and I didn't want to repeat the mess it made.

The rest of the day has been easy.
I had a nice lie in since I forgot to turn on my alarm.
Toast and chocolate for breakfast and a cup of black tea.
A hot hot hot shower. My cousin had warned me the temperature could go no lower then 35°C/95°F, I usually start with somewhat less hot ^^; I'm glad I no longer had the little sunburn from a couple of days ago.
More tea :p
I read Silkmoth's Big Bang Merlin with an occasional break to charge my laptop battery (I wasn't patient enough to let it charge fully and the cable isn't long enough to have it in a contact while reading)
More tea, toast with Boursin and chocolate for desert.
Reading the Big Bang and other fics until I got tired..

and the rest you know ^^;;;;;;

Tomorrow will be a busier day :)


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