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For some reason or another I couldn't fall asleep last night :(
therefore I got up and turned the sleepless night into a creative night :D
The images as not up to standard and most need a little tweeking here and there, still work in progress. (and some might not survive the cut, they show it was sleep-deprived nightwork ^_~)


As you can see, I was thinking about Christmas already ^^;;;;;
Anyhow, I slept as a log after this creative outburst and (so far) I don't feel the missing hours of sleep.
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I had 2 pencil sketches waiting for colour and yesterday I finally got to do just that.
They're quite different even though both were originally meant for the same month on my calendar. In the end the boots ended up for April and the armchairs will probably be November ^___^ Yes, April is already halfway through without image ^^; At a time I'd almost written "BLANCO" with a typex pen on the white page.

boots cafe

I'm sorry about the bad quality of the pictures ^^ My scanner is not big enough for the paper size and I'm not that good with my camera and lightening... 
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Yesterday I stopped working on my 2 designs because I couldn't draw a straight line anymore ^^;
Plus I feared I would spoil the image if I added too much more.
I just took some quick photos and dropped in the sofa with a nice cuppa tea.
And immediatly got back up after I had taken an idle look at the photos. I can hardly believe I made that \o/
I'm extremely happy with January. It truly depicts the feeling I have when coming up from the underground in Antwerp.
January and August )

August is inspired on a similar card I bought a week ago. I've already taken care of the smudge on one of the glasses.
Today I'll get proper scans of all my work... Then I decide whether or not I still need to add something.
(I was first thinking to use a black liner on the building but I'm not so sure anymore.)
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This month is a creative month it seems ^____^
I'm still working on my Christmas cards but I have finished the cards for my parents' weddinganniversary and my father's birthday (since they were earlier this month ^^)
I can only give you (poor quality) photos but this is what the cards look like:See more... )
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It's my mum's 60th birthday next week and I had already bought her a card from the Quire Publishing collection some time ago. But since she's giving a birthday party in her garden I decided to make my own version of the card with a few adaptions.

This is a quick photograph therefore the colours aren't quite right, to give you an idea: it's a white background.
The text on top is "Happy 60th Birthday" in Dutch
and the (very unclear) decorations in the tree are glass jars with either a blue/yellow ribbon or yellow stars on them. It's a decoration I already helped my mum create for the actual party coming sunday.
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To those who celebrate: Happy Easter!



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