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I'm ecstatic with joy Roger managed to secure a win in the 3rd round after a real thriller of a match. After Nadal left Wimbledon not long ago and remembering his defeat against Tsonga last year, I truly feared what would happen when he lost the first 2 sets. I've sent prayers to whatever deities to help him in the center court this year, I nearly spilled my tea whenever Benneteau got another point on Federer... I wisely decided to put the hot beverage away after a while ^^; 

Ah, I'm sure I will sleep soundly now that I know all is right (for the moment)

Um, they just used the music they play when announcing for Merlin. For a moment I hoped they would tell about repeats of the 4th season, no luck there :-/  Though 'Newsnight' is fun ^____^


May. 2nd, 2011 10:52 pm
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 I've just got back from the movies, [personal profile] dark_kana  and I went to see 'The Black Swan'...

It was good, frighteningly good *shudders* It had been ages since I've covered my eyes during a film but now there were several scenes I did not want to witness. It truly is a psychological thriller, I didn't always knew what was real but at first sight I did think it really happening with only a tiny bit of doubt. *a shiver runs across her spine*

I'd better watch some happy scenes from 'tangled' or something alike, something innocent before I go to sleep o_0;


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