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I've just bought a present for my oncoming little nephew... okay, maybe more than 1 ^^;

Even though they don't live in the same town as I, they still choose a shop nearby to have their 'birth list'. I could've simply bought it online but I wanted to see what they had picked out. Apparently the shop only shows the entire list to chose from after the child is born (In this case predicted to be somewhere in october) But they do show you the items you might want to buy, you can pick several possibilities from the list.

I already had a look at the list online and favoured a 'tutter' (I really don't know the English translation) and a string to attach it to. After I payed for it hey wrapped it up and I had another look around the shop....

My eyes landed on an incredibly cute toy and after a moment's thought, I decided to buy it. I just loved it too much *cuddles toy* They had listed one or two teddy bears on their list but I fell for this little one ( I haven't seen the other toys listed) Now my future nephew will get something personally chosen by me, I hope he will like it.
Large image of the cuddly toy... )
The most BRILLIANT about this cuddly toy is the name of its brand: Arthur & Merlin
Yes, I only saw that after I fell in love with the toy but it's a very nice extra LOL

I'm sorry, I know it's not the best picture since the toy's already wrapped.
When I looked for a better picture on the internet I've only found BBC's A&M ^________^;

I'm curious what the baby's name will be ^_____^ All we know is that it will consist of 2 syllables, we're speculating on different possibilities  XD XD

This evening another episode of Merlin YAY. I will make sure to have it recorded on my digicorder (just like the previous two)
I Love English series! How I wish I had noticed Sherlock before *flails*. Because I do not live in the UK I can't access it on iplayer (or whatever it's called) and I want to look into dr. Who and Supernatural and....

Maybe I'd better add them on my wish list for Christmas or the one for my birthday next year...


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