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I haven't met him yet, I've only seen a glimpse of him but I do know he is NOT very musically orientated (I don't know the right expression)
Let me explain:

Read more... )Let's forget about him.

This evening [personal profile] dark_kana  dropped by to have a look at the refurbished apartment *glomps* I had a marvelous time!
I had my first go at Bami Goreng With our joint forces (& the help of a recipe) we made it to a rather yummy diner.
I must write the recipe down somewhere, it was easy to make :p

Her visit cheered me up a lot.
My grandfather died this morning... )

*sighs* I'm going to watch the Merlin bloopers again before I go to bed,
they always leave me in a good mood.
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 I'm very very very angry...
So I did the dishes to quench my tears of frustration *fails majorly*
Way to go Lhune *snorts*

Ranting... )

Hope to update a better post very soon, something positive.

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DAY 5 - 11/08/2011
Let me see..
I woke up indecently early (7AM) it seems like my brain didn't listen to my intention to have a lie-in T_T However I didn't get up until 8:30.
Shower and all kinds of housework including the dishes from yesterday took all morning. I'm definitely not a morning person : / Oh right, I called my granny whether it was okay I dropped by in the afternoon (she doesn't really like unexpected visits)

Cut for afternoon part to save space... )

I considered a lasagna for diner but I really wasn't all that hungry (and too lazy to heat it) so I stuck to bread, keeping the lasagna for tomorrow.

Checked my mail on my laptop, read a fanfic and- I really don't know why, ended up re-creating a business card of mine. Why have enough energy to do that but leave out on the diner part?! Anyway, I think I'm contend with the result... 
I'll confirm it tomorrow when I have a better view upon it ^^
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Day 4 - 10/08/2011

Busy day ^^
I woke up, did the dishes, took the bus into Antwerp city, switched to the underground to head to my place in a nearby town, consulted my bank about the rate of the Pond, ordered a certain amount of pounds, was just in time to meet my mum at 11AM, had a drink, took the bus home, had lunch, sorted out my mail, took two busses (the first was waiting for something, I really don't know what but at was still able to catch it.  The second was late which suited me just fine as had only just arrived at the bus stop) to Berchem (a town between Antwerp city and my home) in search of a new umbrella but at the moment he had only a fluorescent green one o_0;;; so I continued my route to Antwerp, found a new umbrella quite by accident (they'd moved the umbrella section into three separate areas, it was only when I stumbled upon the last that I discovered the desired one, caught the overly crowded bus to my temporary home (peak hour ^^;;) 

I'm now enjoying the coach in the flat *sighs contentedly) My feet have suffered today ^^; 
The moussaka will have to wait another hour or so before I put in the microwave, I don't want to get up yet. 

It's decided, tomorrow I will have a lie in to compensate for all the walking today ^___^
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Day 4 - 09/08/2011
I had hoped for a warmer day but well...
Nothing particular happened this morning, I was waiting for the rain to stop but after more than an hour I decided to go out anyway because I needed to be in time for an appointment . I had been too optimistic yesterday when I left my boots at home, sandals = wet feet = no fun :( Luckily I had my umbrella so I did not get entirely wet.

*Sobs* my trustworthy umbrella D-': 
I must have been lost in thoughts when I left my last bus because I saw it drive away and realized MY UMBRELLA! The bus was gone and there was no way I could catch up to it. What I did do was to call the public transport help line to give them the details in hope this might help. I also called in the help of [personal profile] dark_kana  but it seems like I've lost my loyal umbrella forever :( 

The evening however made me forget the umbrella-business when [personal profile] inkweaver  came over to the temporary apartment. It was such fun! Our combined forces created a lovely diner, warm goat-cheese with honey and thyme YUM XP Lots of laughter, fangirling and plain old catching up over delicious passoa. Later on the evening I feared for a moment the chocolate moelleux had traveled back to my home when they didn't turn up at my first search (so many hidden corners in a flat that isn't your own, it's even worse than in my own room ^_~) but when I came to the ingenious idea to look in the freezer, the missing desert could no longer hide. Chocolate = ♥ ♥ &hearts

My friend called me to say she had work tomorrow and we agreed to have our drink in two weeks instead. That means I'll have extra time tomorrow, maybe I'll go and buy a new umbrella already. I'm not sure but my hopes are very low to ever see my old one again and I miss it already.
Should it turn up, it always nice to have a spare one right?

I'll spend the rest of the evening following the news on the riots in England, it really troubles me.

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I'm feeling cold but at the same time it's too warm. Both of my ears hurt (too loud a noise is like hell to me), a major headache, my throat is inflamed and I have a runny nose. Joy oh joy *sarcastic* 

Now is the time to read and listen to fanfiction, right?
Wrong. Listening my ears hurt too much
As for reading on my computer... my eyes start to hurt and I really don't want to chance a 'oogontsteking' (inflammation of the eye) such I had many years ago.

Therefore I'll keep it to watching movies on our television ^^ (and, dear me, watching Wimbledon tennis ^___^)
Luckily I've got antibiotics to accelerate the healing process. Too bad I'm getting nauseous from the pills :(

I do hope I'll be better in a couple of days *crosses her fingers*
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A limited budget does bring a lot of worries...

At times I tell myself how nice it is to have a room at home where I do not have to worry bout money but a little later I am reminded why I want to leave... the need to leave happens a lot more the last days/weeks. Perhaps it's the weather?

I've seen a flat on the internet and I've made an appointment to go and look at it in two days time. It looked reasonably promising, I didn't expect too much for that price. But I've received some more information and it seems like it is incredibly small (living/bedroom is a size equal if not less than my bedroom at home) and only a single glazed window instead of the double glazed which would have been a lot better. 

Maybe I'm just too much used to comfort :-I

Anyway, I do not really have high hopes but I'll look at it all the same.

Enough complaining, it's like I have that much a problem. *berates herself for thinking too much about it* Hmmm I think I'm going to read 'Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident' by Eoin Colfer again. Not too much thinking, know the book almost by heart but somehow that helps ^^ (for a moment I thought about 'Teacher's Pet' by Cobalt Violet but that wouldn't do me good *flails* Not finished is not for me now)
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 Evening everyone! (it's 23:30 here)

I've just had a most fantastic time with [personal profile] inkweaver  and [personal profile] dark_kana  *glompstackle* I enjoyed it tremendously. Delicious food in Wagamama (hurray for the bons), an exquisite film (CASPIAN! *swoons*) and above all, laughter and fangirling XD XD XD But really, Ben Barnes has grown into such a gorgeous man! ... Born in 1981? Thank God, he's older *sighs relieved*

Too bad really, when I got home, my mother declared she wouldn't go away tomorrow *sulks* I had been looking forward to that... I'm sorry [personal profile] inkweaver  , I don't think it will be 'Glee' tomorrow :(

*yawns* I think I'll get into bed, I'm dead tired *yawns some more*

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Just a very quick post because I'm flabbergasted about it...

'God en klein Pierke', a new television program in which Martin Heylen interviews several people on 'één' (a Belgian TV channel) uses the music from the soundtrack of BBC's Sherlock.
At least I believe so...

But seriously! o_0;; Using the music for another program but not even broadcasting the actual series?!
That is so unfair!! (never mind I can watch the episodes on Dutch television, bless the broadcasting company from the Netherlands)
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My frustrations concerning money issues (and other worries) that come with looking for a new place had me down, still have actually, but I'll pick up the missed post of my Flist later this evening. 

This afternoon I've been cleaning  cleaRing another part of my old room, amazing what I kept in that tiny place. Amongst other things I've found a ficlet I've written ages ago about Master Kana meeting her first padawan Corina XD XD I had much fun reading it again!
There's only one 'schab' (this really doesn't seem correct, but I have no idea how to say it otherwise at this moment) left to clear out and then I'm finally done...

I don't want to think about doing the same when I would finally find a good apartment. I think I will just put throw everything in boxes and be done. ^_^; 

A couple of minutes ago I've come to another magnificent surprise, I've found out I've the 2nd episode of Sherlock recorded as well *SQUEE* It was hiding between some unimportant recordings on my digicorder, on a different page from the last episode of Sherlock which I knew to have had recorded. Now after clearing the recordings to have a little more space on the digicorder I came across this one XD YAY This really makes my day, I know what I will be watching tonight.

But first, on to my Flist,


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oh dear, only 4 entries so far ^^;; even though I own this account for quite a while *sighs* I really need to get back in touch with life on DW.

Random thought, will understand I sure, for some obscure reason I was mixing Merlin with BB, don't ask me why... *ponders* probably because I'm really pleased understatement that Merlin is back on saturday *does happy dance* and Kai complaining (he can take on a frighteningly pink colour in my mind ) that I've neglected him @_@...
So I ended up giving the BB cast roles in the BBC series and Kai would've filled in for Arthur (he can be just as haughty sometimes) and with his grandfather as Uther. Of course Uther isn't that bad, I hope (I still do not like him though) and Kai mentally assaulted me complaining he didn't need nobody's help thank you very much. I asked the stoic Russian to please bear with me, and that, of course, he'd never miss Merlin's magic. To which he replied: "Who says he hasn't been aware all along." with a pointed look.

I swear, he can be much to logical for something/somebody that doesn't quite exist... perhaps it's the alter ego of my mind?

*Reads typed text again* Okay, please take no notice of the babbling and blame it on an overdose of chocolate.

On the more realistic news, I've been to the second year Italian and while on most occasions you'd expect students to fall out, we've gone from 7 students (3 had to leave during the previous year) to 17 *sweatdrop* WTH? Apparently various schools from LBC in the vicinity hadn't enough students to start a second year course in Italian so they all ended up in our 'little' school, how very strange.


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