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Good Gracious, I knew I would have a busy time but this ?!

Not only am I cleaning the flat together with my parents, I'm moving stuff, buying lots *weeps over her money account*, contacting other family to move the larger stuff... The administration part is killing me >_< 

It would've been a lot easier if I actually had the time to properly look at everything. (without being bothered) Also, it would be very nice if certain people would answer calls and e-mails *glares at government* Right now it remains silent or -"Due to certain circumstances we cannot answer your call at the moment, please try again later"- GAH!

If all goes well my uncle will help to transport my refrigerator and my divan tomorrow, these two are rather large and heavy. After that I'll only have to wait until they (company) deliver my bed and I have almost everything I really really need.

I hope to make it my permanent address by the end of next week *crosses her fingers*
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 It's too good *flails wildly* Why on earth couldn't their be water stains and leaking taps?!?
I'm just back from apartment viewing and it was simply stunning. Every room has its own window, there is lots of light coming in. The kitchen only needs a microwave, the rest is included. It has a lift, A LIFT! I would have my own cellar, a place to store my bicycle and it has a little terrace. The views from the windows are beautiful, it's near public transport and...

I'm in love with it!

I'm not the only one, there's at least one other person interested but-
A good thing is that my parents love it as well.
I'll have to decide tomorrow.

But first I need to see whether I can possibly afford it

(+1 hour diner)

I had a quick look at the costs I would have, the ones I can't neglect.
My father thinks if I really want to I should try but....
If I could afford to pay everything it would be only just,
more like I would have shortages.

It's with pain in my heart but this time I'll do it the reasonable way,
I'll leave the apartment to whoever loves it as much as I do (or the one that has enough money) and look for something slightly cheaper. I <i>know</i> it will be better this way. I need no sleepless night to come to that conclusion (though I'm quite sure sleep will not come *sad*)

Ah, the first real 'house'-love has come to an end for me,
next time better? 


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