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This is maddening, my internet connection is gone after about an hour after I start my computer. I have to start and restart and restart and so on... Really, I'm drinking loads of tea to keep calm.

I guess I'll have to turn in my computer for a check-up after all. *hates to part with her not-so-trust-worthy laptop* 
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30 Euros, only 30 euros  (36,55 $) and I have my laptop back WITH A NEW SCREEN!! WHICH COSTS AT LEAST 400 euros, never mind what I would've had to pay for the hours of work they did on it! 

A couple of days ago my laptop gave up on me again, I couldn't access the internet. I tried all the tricks, switched the firewall off and reinstalled Mac OS X but no avail, it needed to go to the Service Center of Apple (Switch). My father drove me to it and I handed my laptop over, paying 30 euros for a check-up. I underlined the fact that they didn't need to change the screen because I knew how much that would cost me. Besides I had been told the problem with my screen would not harm the motherboard in my laptop. I thought the change of my AirPort Card would cost me quite a lot already.

Yesterday my father got an e-mail to say my laptop was ready and we could go fetch it. I had given my father's email since I had no idea when I could check my own email, so this was quicker. When we arrived at the service center and I asked for my laptop they said "Ah yes, with the new screen..."
Both my father and I were somewhat horrified because yes, we'd particularly asked not to change it, you should have seen our faces -_-;
We couldn't believe our ears when he said it fell under guarantee (which, to my information, had ended several months ago) He continued explaining it was necessary to solve the connection problem, he truly was very helpful but all I could think about was how I wanted to leave before he changed his mind on the cost price.
He didn't alter the price, I had everything for the initial 30 euros I had paid!

So here I am at home, with my laptop with brand new screen (!!!!!!!!), I still have a hard time to believe that.
I will take better care of it now, I swear I will.

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For days I've been without an internet connection on my laptop. I can very well stand the loss of it for a little time (like when I'm on a holiday or such) but I felt thoroughly stressed as I had no idea when or how I could get it back.

Trying and trying, luckily I had some help... )
I'm overjoyed and I've promised to treat my laptop better from now on.


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