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This is my last morning in the apartment for now, though I might come back in a week.

DAY 7 - 13/08/2011
I had a very nice lie in until half past 9 and had a long hot shower.
Gave the place a quick cleanup and decided what I would leave behind for next time. (DVD's, a book,...) Made a list of it so I wouldn't forget just <i>what</i> is still in the flat.

Now I'm enjoying my laptop and the internet before my father will come to pick me up in a couple of hours
I must make sure I can have more of this kind of time when I return next time :)

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DAY 6 - 12/08/2011

I've just arrived back from the open air concert, the luxury of traveling the last couple of hundred meter (?) by car :) My feet cried with joy for that.

I'll backtrack the rest of the day... (this might get confusing, sorry 'bout that ^^;)
A couple of hours ago I went to an open air concert with my 2 best friends and a friend of one best friend (who was so kind as to drive me home)  where we saw a friend of my other best friend.
We stayed chatting after we saw the first half of the concert


Backtracking really is no good X( I'd better start from the beginning.

Usual morning (why is it so much easier to wash the dishes in the morning?)
Returned home to fetch my bike and a couple of books for one of clients. Just missed both of my busses, luckily I wasn't hurried. Quick lunch at home before I cycled to my first client. She was pleased with the books I choose for her last week.

Returned the previous batch to the library and left my bicycle over there to continue to my second client by bus. I had first planned this visit next week but since I want to go to England I had to reschedule. Returned his books to the library as well.

I knew my mum was at my granny's so I stopped over there since it was on my way home. Returned home together with my mum and reconsidered going to my temporary home by bus since it was peak hour. I had been in that twice already, not a third time. Ate a little something while I was there to save time. My father would drive me back (a lot quicker then by bus) but it turned out all hurried and somewhat stressy as I would meet [personal profile] dark_kana  at half passed 7 to go to an open air concert.

Arrived at my temporary home around 20 past 7, dashed up the three staircases to put my bags in the flat and hurried down again when I got a phone call from Kana to change our meeting place. I quickened my pace some more and was halfway when I came across [personal profile] inkweaver  and a friend of hers. I'm lucky [personal profile] inkweaver  saw me.^^; They too went to [personal profile] dark_kana  so I wouldn't be the last to arrive ^___^

The rest you know already because of my failed backtracking.
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DAY 5 - 11/08/2011
Let me see..
I woke up indecently early (7AM) it seems like my brain didn't listen to my intention to have a lie-in T_T However I didn't get up until 8:30.
Shower and all kinds of housework including the dishes from yesterday took all morning. I'm definitely not a morning person : / Oh right, I called my granny whether it was okay I dropped by in the afternoon (she doesn't really like unexpected visits)

Cut for afternoon part to save space... )

I considered a lasagna for diner but I really wasn't all that hungry (and too lazy to heat it) so I stuck to bread, keeping the lasagna for tomorrow.

Checked my mail on my laptop, read a fanfic and- I really don't know why, ended up re-creating a business card of mine. Why have enough energy to do that but leave out on the diner part?! Anyway, I think I'm contend with the result... 
I'll confirm it tomorrow when I have a better view upon it ^^
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Day 4 - 10/08/2011

Busy day ^^
I woke up, did the dishes, took the bus into Antwerp city, switched to the underground to head to my place in a nearby town, consulted my bank about the rate of the Pond, ordered a certain amount of pounds, was just in time to meet my mum at 11AM, had a drink, took the bus home, had lunch, sorted out my mail, took two busses (the first was waiting for something, I really don't know what but at was still able to catch it.  The second was late which suited me just fine as had only just arrived at the bus stop) to Berchem (a town between Antwerp city and my home) in search of a new umbrella but at the moment he had only a fluorescent green one o_0;;; so I continued my route to Antwerp, found a new umbrella quite by accident (they'd moved the umbrella section into three separate areas, it was only when I stumbled upon the last that I discovered the desired one, caught the overly crowded bus to my temporary home (peak hour ^^;;) 

I'm now enjoying the coach in the flat *sighs contentedly) My feet have suffered today ^^; 
The moussaka will have to wait another hour or so before I put in the microwave, I don't want to get up yet. 

It's decided, tomorrow I will have a lie in to compensate for all the walking today ^___^
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Day 4 - 09/08/2011
I had hoped for a warmer day but well...
Nothing particular happened this morning, I was waiting for the rain to stop but after more than an hour I decided to go out anyway because I needed to be in time for an appointment . I had been too optimistic yesterday when I left my boots at home, sandals = wet feet = no fun :( Luckily I had my umbrella so I did not get entirely wet.

*Sobs* my trustworthy umbrella D-': 
I must have been lost in thoughts when I left my last bus because I saw it drive away and realized MY UMBRELLA! The bus was gone and there was no way I could catch up to it. What I did do was to call the public transport help line to give them the details in hope this might help. I also called in the help of [personal profile] dark_kana  but it seems like I've lost my loyal umbrella forever :( 

The evening however made me forget the umbrella-business when [personal profile] inkweaver  came over to the temporary apartment. It was such fun! Our combined forces created a lovely diner, warm goat-cheese with honey and thyme YUM XP Lots of laughter, fangirling and plain old catching up over delicious passoa. Later on the evening I feared for a moment the chocolate moelleux had traveled back to my home when they didn't turn up at my first search (so many hidden corners in a flat that isn't your own, it's even worse than in my own room ^_~) but when I came to the ingenious idea to look in the freezer, the missing desert could no longer hide. Chocolate = &hearts; &hearts; &hearts

My friend called me to say she had work tomorrow and we agreed to have our drink in two weeks instead. That means I'll have extra time tomorrow, maybe I'll go and buy a new umbrella already. I'm not sure but my hopes are very low to ever see my old one again and I miss it already.
Should it turn up, it always nice to have a spare one right?

I'll spend the rest of the evening following the news on the riots in England, it really troubles me.

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DAY 3 - 08/08/2011
I had almost forgotten to post the third day of my house keeping as it was such a lazy day. Momentarily I considered to keep it for a double post tomorrow but I just knew I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it... so here I am ^__^
It may have been a good thing too because after crossing path with a mosquito, I was nearly frightened to death on my way to my laptop by a fluttering moth o_0; Right so I didn't like to encounter  a moth, at all, we did come to an agreement it was better of outside. Very peacefully, I'm a pacifist... Besides, I once needed to kill a moth about a year ago and I didn't want to repeat the mess it made.

The rest of the day has been easy.
I had a nice lie in since I forgot to turn on my alarm.
Toast and chocolate for breakfast and a cup of black tea.
A hot hot hot shower. My cousin had warned me the temperature could go no lower then 35°C/95°F, I usually start with somewhat less hot ^^; I'm glad I no longer had the little sunburn from a couple of days ago.
More tea :p
I read Silkmoth's Big Bang Merlin with an occasional break to charge my laptop battery (I wasn't patient enough to let it charge fully and the cable isn't long enough to have it in a contact while reading)
More tea, toast with Boursin and chocolate for desert.
Reading the Big Bang and other fics until I got tired..

and the rest you know ^^;;;;;;

Tomorrow will be a busier day :)

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I think that maybe I'll manage to keep a day to day diary for this week, I ought to have the time ^___^ 

DAY 1- Saturday 06/08
morning:I packing my bags to move into my cousin's apartment.
afternoon: have I got everything, laptop (check) gsm (check) iPod (check) chargers for them all (check) dvd's (check)....
evening: Replying to [personal profile] dark_kana  's posts and OH GOD it's saturday! Why did I forget it is saturday!?! I'm putting off to watch dvd's and to read wonderful fanfic (Silkmoth's is on top of my list) until tomorrow, or else I'll never manage to get to bed... I really need my sleep T_T

No but seriously, my internal calendar is such a mess because I had the feeling we were somewhere in the midst of the working week ^^;; And to help thing, the block-calendar in this apartment was three days late *sighs*
I need a job to keep track of the dates ^_~


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