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 It was cold, very cold this morning but the sun came through at times.
When I saw my hairdresser around noon I confidently picked out a spring/summer snit. After all, a company was just decorating his window a big design of a sun and the text "Spring is in the hair"

Very pleased with my haircut I took the bus to Dark_Kana's place.
And while I was there it began to snow, it kept snowing and snowing and we absolutely loved it! ♥ ♥ ♥ A yummy cup of soup warmed us enough to venture outside and enjoy the white crystals XD XD
Spring Snow is in the (h)air ^_______________^

I promised to post a picture of the snow on my terrace (wait, is there snow on my terrace? I haven't looked) but my hands were red from the cold *cringes* Besides, it was too dark for a proper photo anyway.

Instead I terribly enjoyed my bath *sighs happily* For over an hour I enjoyed the warmth until my fingers were riddled thorougly :) Really, now I remember why I was so happy to have a bath.

Anyway because the snowman will have to wait till tomorrow,
I give you this one for now.
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Yesterday I went to the hairdresser, I looked in the photo books for a new model... my hair was long enough to try something new (it was a little bit longer the Gwaine's *points to icon*) Shoulder length really. I had seen several examples but nothing really caught my eye so I asked the hairdresser for advise and- and... and I let myself be talked in to a short haircut. o_0; 

I do like the new haircut but I am missing the somewhat longer hair *fails*
Just getting used to it still I suppose- and otherwise...
I'll just have another six months or so to get back to about the same length again.

(I'm sorry about the bad colour, my scanner is out of order and I'm not really good at adapting a photo)


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