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A time to spend with family ^___^

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Happy Easter!

I hope you all have a lovely day whether or not you celebrate it :)

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To those who celebrate: Happy Easter!

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This year Easter was magnificent, I dare say the best in years.

My parents and my grandmother came over to my place around noon. We had an aperitif while the Pope gave his blessings on telly (my grandmother has the habit to watch that, so it's become something like a tradition.) I presented both of my parents with a Passoã Orange for the first time, I can't believe they had never drank it before today o_0 They both decided to like it *sighs relieved*

° My mum had taken care of the first course: A salad with many vegetables and a piece of salmon (mozzarella for me, I'm not so fond of cold salmon)
° I took care of the main course: A wok dish with chicken and a sweet and sour sauce. I had made this only one time before when dark_kana came for dinner so I was a little unsure when I had to double the ingredients. Luckily I could borrow a (sauce)pan that was large enough to have everything in it. When I took it to the table I told myself it would be far too much for the 4 of us to eat, to my surprise we ate nearly everything. Even my father who doesn't usually like sweet and sour had second helpings ^^ The red wine chat-en-oeuf I served with the food was very good as well for which I was very happy (I had a different bottle nearby should the wine have been less to our taste)
° The dessert, a Tiramisu, we had in my salon/reception room while we watched the bicycle road race Paris-Roubaix. We were lucky, the race was interesting and dynamic. This too is a tradition, to watch the race at Easter ^^; 

My family had to leave in the afternoon since they would have coffee with my aunt and her husband. I decided to remain in my apartment to clean up after I'd seen the rest of the race... Which was AWESOME! I'm not a huge fan of Tom Boonen but about 50 km before the end of the race he took a leap (?) and cycled off alone to finish with more than a minute lead to the runner-up. W00T! I'm so proud of him! 

This evening I'll have a simple supper with lots of chocolate :P and tea. I'll lessen on the sugar tomorrow, today I want to enjoy the sweetness of it all.


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