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 Pffff, 10 minutes break please.

After seeing many lights and christmas trees in the neighbourhood I felt very much like getting my own tree installed (yes, it's a fake but it looks very good I think ^__^) I hadn't considered the 'cleaning' I had to do first o_0;;

I wanted to put my tree in a corner that was until now taken by bags a little table, magazines and many bags containing various unused goods. OMG what time it took to get through all the stuff: what to keep and what to throw away. The first I had to find a place for and the second gad to be sorted, paper and plastic sorted... I'm nearly done but several hours has gone by tidying the place and the last bit is the hardest =.=

Next time I just want to throw everything in a huge bag and get rid of it
(not that I'll ever do that, I'm far too afraid I'd lose something important to me ^^;)

BUT my little tree with little lights stands next to me and various presents lie beneath it... I'm happy :D
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My frustrations concerning money issues (and other worries) that come with looking for a new place had me down, still have actually, but I'll pick up the missed post of my Flist later this evening. 

This afternoon I've been cleaning  cleaRing another part of my old room, amazing what I kept in that tiny place. Amongst other things I've found a ficlet I've written ages ago about Master Kana meeting her first padawan Corina XD XD I had much fun reading it again!
There's only one 'schab' (this really doesn't seem correct, but I have no idea how to say it otherwise at this moment) left to clear out and then I'm finally done...

I don't want to think about doing the same when I would finally find a good apartment. I think I will just put throw everything in boxes and be done. ^_^; 

A couple of minutes ago I've come to another magnificent surprise, I've found out I've the 2nd episode of Sherlock recorded as well *SQUEE* It was hiding between some unimportant recordings on my digicorder, on a different page from the last episode of Sherlock which I knew to have had recorded. Now after clearing the recordings to have a little more space on the digicorder I came across this one XD YAY This really makes my day, I know what I will be watching tonight.

But first, on to my Flist,



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