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Yesterday I stopped working on my 2 designs because I couldn't draw a straight line anymore ^^;
Plus I feared I would spoil the image if I added too much more.
I just took some quick photos and dropped in the sofa with a nice cuppa tea.
And immediatly got back up after I had taken an idle look at the photos. I can hardly believe I made that \o/
I'm extremely happy with January. It truly depicts the feeling I have when coming up from the underground in Antwerp.
January and August )

August is inspired on a similar card I bought a week ago. I've already taken care of the smudge on one of the glasses.
Today I'll get proper scans of all my work... Then I decide whether or not I still need to add something.
(I was first thinking to use a black liner on the building but I'm not so sure anymore.)
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I decided to create my own images for this years calendar.
Since I couldn't get my idea for february out of mind last night I decided to get up and simply create the damn thing ^^; I'm not quite sure whether I like it 100% but it's good enough.
February )What was left on my table this morning )

The picture I took last night around 1 or 2am and the 'carnage' left on my table this morning ^_~
I'm just lucky my idea for january asks more work or I'd have made it an all nighter... it will be something for today, definitely.


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