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A very Happy Birthday [personal profile] dark_kana !

The mice didn't agree with FB but they send their aid for the cakes through here ^_~

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Last of the birthday wishes (today):

A very Happy Birthday [personal profile] dark_kana !

I hope you had a briiliant day full of celebrations with a huge birthday cake to enjoy.
Wishing you a brilliant year full of hapiness and joy.

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Happy Birthday [personal profile] cadenzamuse !!!
I hope you have a most wonderful day with lots of happiness. Celebrate this day with the people you love, get lovely presents and have a yummy birthday cake (or 2, or 3 or.....)

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A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] inkweaver !
I hope you had a magnificent day. All of the best for the next year with lots of fandoms to enjoy.

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Right so this is the 4th/5th time but still:

Happy Birthday [personal profile] dark_kana  !!! 
I hope you have a purrr-fect day with the people you love!

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I have wished you one in RL yesterday but also online, if one day late this time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] inkweaver  !

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] dark_kana [profile] feelsthemagic!
I hope you'll have a fantastic day with friends and family, lovely presents, 1 or 2 (or more?) birthday cakes and simply great fun!
Surely we'll have a blast this evening when we go bowling XD 

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A very very VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] dark_kana
May the many cakes you've made (and will make) be delicious, have lot's of candles to blow out (aka many wishes to make ^_~) Friends and family to celebrate your day with presents and balloons and whatnot... Have a purrfect B-day/week :D

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I've only got about half an hour to say this again this year but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] inkweaver  !! 
I hope the coming year will be as splendid as your birthday party
(for which I wanted to say thank you to have been such a marvelous hostess ^____^, it really was a wonderful party)

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 Oh happy day ^____^ 2 birthdays! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you [personal profile] dark_kana  and also a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you feelsthemagic !
I hope you'll have a lovely day and that you can enjoy it fully. Not to forget the HUGE birthday cake with topping to your liking.


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