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 Today was a special day:

First I was woken by the sms that my cousin's wife had given birth to a baby boy,
my parents and I wanted to go and visit some furniture stores that day and decided to bring in the birthday cards first to the 'moederhuis' I would leave them at the desk but they told me to go upstairs and give it to the nurses in the maternity unit... I spoke to the first nurse I saw and she insisted I went to give the cards myself... so I did.
I was the first in the family to see Mathiz (apart from his parents of course) Such a sweet baby, so incredibly cute. My cousin's wife was still tired of course, it was only about 3hours since she gave birth, but she looked good and both of them were very proud of their first son... with reason!
I've only stayed for a couple of minutes and after that my parents and I continued to the Salongigant (furniture store) I have been making a study of every possible furniture store to buy a new meridienne/chaise longue, comparing prizes and styles online and this was first on the list.
Yes, you see it coming, I found one I fell in love with. The prize was a little higher than I had in mind first but... I simply loved it too much! So, I about 8 weeks time they will bring the new chaise longue to my address YAY 

More detailed explanation will follow this evening tomorrow 

EDIT 28/10
When I come to think of it, there's not much of explanation to add... ^^
I haven't found a decent photo of the new bought chaise longue but I can show you a drawn picture.


It's only a quick drawing and it looks a lot different in real, believe. I couldn't show the fabric it's made of and it's only a photo of it, not a decent scan o_0; 

When it arrives in december I'll post a more decent photo of the actual chaise longue.


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