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 I'm only just back from my future apartment where I had a look at it and I LOVE it! I already phoned the owner to set a date to sign the contract and she'll get back to me, any minute now, after she discussed it with her companions. She doesn't live in the neighbourhood you see.

The apart. has about everything I could wish for: central heating, first floor, very close to public transport and a supermarket... There's only the possible issue of single glazing but according to some attests I saw that shouldn't pose any problem.

OMG I still can't believe it! I'VE FOUND AN APARTMENT!!! *

.... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

It's decided in 2 days I'll meet the owner.
I think I'll only believe I've actually found a place of my own once the contract is signed.

Heh, already I'm making a list what I need of furniture, which organizations I'll have to notify and even making a draft for a new 'business' card XD XD About 38h hours before I see the contract *flails wildly* I know already I'll spend tomorrow going over whatever I have to look for in the contract and what's important and I'll be stressing like mad.

... I need more tea.
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I'm just back from visiting the second apartment and it was a definite NO.
No central heating, a bathroom as large as our separate WC (extremely small for a bathroom), it all looked (and smelled) ancient and... and just NO!

I'll just keep on searching then, for something better. 

In the mean time I'll enjoy the free food at home and save some more money. *sips her tea*
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This morning I've made an appointment to go and look at a flat in the evening...
I felt more excited by each hour that passed, it looked promising.

Shopping (without buying) and reading a book calmed my nerves somewhat.
Yes Kana, I managed to finish 'Scorpia Rising' so I'll give it to you tomorrow.
Aaah, Alex Rider *dreamy look* As the Sunday Times said: "Dark and damned clever."
I'll say no more...

The flat was excellent (for its cost) if one could ignore the constant rumble of traffic. I'm not sure I would've gotten used to hear numerous cars and trucks speeding 50 meters (if not less) from my window if I decided to open it.
You heard it right, if... I did not take the apartment.
There was another young woman along with her father to take a look at the flat at the same time I arrived and she decidedly wanted to rent it. She had arrived first AND was the first to vehemently declare how much she loved to rent it hence I think it was only right she should get it.
I wasn't entirely convinced by the flat, the nearby motorway and the longterm renting period may have had to do with that feeling. I admit, I want to much for too little money and... and... 

And I just don't know at this very moment. 
My parents are causing me stress, neighbours having a constant row at a high volume and never being sure you are or will be alone for a certain amount of time drives me insane.
Yet I don't know whether I want to change that kind of stress for the one where you'll have to save every euro to get the bills payed, if you can manage that, that for a place where you can't have a window open or keep a cat or...
Argh, I really want too much :(

Next time better I suppose...

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A limited budget does bring a lot of worries...

At times I tell myself how nice it is to have a room at home where I do not have to worry bout money but a little later I am reminded why I want to leave... the need to leave happens a lot more the last days/weeks. Perhaps it's the weather?

I've seen a flat on the internet and I've made an appointment to go and look at it in two days time. It looked reasonably promising, I didn't expect too much for that price. But I've received some more information and it seems like it is incredibly small (living/bedroom is a size equal if not less than my bedroom at home) and only a single glazed window instead of the double glazed which would have been a lot better. 

Maybe I'm just too much used to comfort :-I

Anyway, I do not really have high hopes but I'll look at it all the same.

Enough complaining, it's like I have that much a problem. *berates herself for thinking too much about it* Hmmm I think I'm going to read 'Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident' by Eoin Colfer again. Not too much thinking, know the book almost by heart but somehow that helps ^^ (for a moment I thought about 'Teacher's Pet' by Cobalt Violet but that wouldn't do me good *flails* Not finished is not for me now)
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Useless rant... )

I've written 1 chapter of what might become a Lancelot+Gwaine story. So far they've met each other, they will become friends (I command them to XD ) and next... I don't know what will come next. I hope to get the entire story fixed this week before another episode comes along. *looks pleadingly at the muses not to abandon her*

I don't think I've got other news at this moment, should I remember something though, I'll post it tomorrow.
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 It's too good *flails wildly* Why on earth couldn't their be water stains and leaking taps?!?
I'm just back from apartment viewing and it was simply stunning. Every room has its own window, there is lots of light coming in. The kitchen only needs a microwave, the rest is included. It has a lift, A LIFT! I would have my own cellar, a place to store my bicycle and it has a little terrace. The views from the windows are beautiful, it's near public transport and...

I'm in love with it!

I'm not the only one, there's at least one other person interested but-
A good thing is that my parents love it as well.
I'll have to decide tomorrow.

But first I need to see whether I can possibly afford it

(+1 hour diner)

I had a quick look at the costs I would have, the ones I can't neglect.
My father thinks if I really want to I should try but....
If I could afford to pay everything it would be only just,
more like I would have shortages.

It's with pain in my heart but this time I'll do it the reasonable way,
I'll leave the apartment to whoever loves it as much as I do (or the one that has enough money) and look for something slightly cheaper. I <i>know</i> it will be better this way. I need no sleepless night to come to that conclusion (though I'm quite sure sleep will not come *sad*)

Ah, the first real 'house'-love has come to an end for me,
next time better? 


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