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Really, this stress is not good for me DX
Last night my internet connection suddenly went missing while I was watching a film on my laptop, I wasn't even using my internet for that! At first I hoped the connection would return just as mysteriously as it had disappeared. Like last time this had happened (though I had to wait a couple of days back then ^^; )

Alas, this morning it still was missing. 
Therefore I tried another option and ran a check-up on my harddisk and found an error. (I've never been so happy to find a problem with my disk) I ran the recovery disk and waited with a small heart until it was declared 'healthy' again.
And HURRAY! This time my internet connection came back with it *dances with joy*

I'm extremely relieved I've managed to solve the problem!
But seriously, all that stress @_@'

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Happy Easter!

I hope you all have a lovely day whether or not you celebrate it :)

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I was reminded why I ought to wait long enough until the Paresthesia has cleared completely after my foot has fallen asleep :( It will look nicely black and blue tomorrow I'm sure. Did whatever I can so far, pressed something cold to it and gelled it with an anti-inflamation gel but it's still throbbing painfully. *scowls at her own impatience*

Guess it's a good enough reason to sit still and enjoy a good book. 
Ooh, and my mum has given me part of a delicious carrot cake. Yes, I'll just get a cuppa tea and I can ignore the ache.

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This month is a creative month it seems ^____^
I'm still working on my Christmas cards but I have finished the cards for my parents' weddinganniversary and my father's birthday (since they were earlier this month ^^)
I can only give you (poor quality) photos but this is what the cards look like:See more... )
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I don't know who I've got to thank but I've now have a PREMIUM account on dreamwidth for a year!
That's a very good reason to start using it a little more (when I've got the time with the festive days coming on)

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Happy Birthday [personal profile] cadenzamuse !!!
I hope you have a most wonderful day with lots of happiness. Celebrate this day with the people you love, get lovely presents and have a yummy birthday cake (or 2, or 3 or.....)

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It's my mum's 60th birthday next week and I had already bought her a card from the Quire Publishing collection some time ago. But since she's giving a birthday party in her garden I decided to make my own version of the card with a few adaptions.

This is a quick photograph therefore the colours aren't quite right, to give you an idea: it's a white background.
The text on top is "Happy 60th Birthday" in Dutch
and the (very unclear) decorations in the tree are glass jars with either a blue/yellow ribbon or yellow stars on them. It's a decoration I already helped my mum create for the actual party coming sunday.
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About a week ago I hurt my knee pretty badly, staircases were very painful to conquer ^^; but with a lot of rest and a healing creme it got better sooner than I had first expected. 

Of course I just had to do something about that >_<
Yesterday I stumbled and landed heavily on my arm. Result: a scraped palm and a hurting elbow. I don't think I've broken anything (except the little jar of honey in my bag, ugh so sticky!) but it's probably sprained since I can't move it too much nor can I handle any weight. All things considered, I find this much more a problem than the hurting knee. Even putting on a coat has become painful :(

I do hope it will heal as quickly as my knee *crosses fingers*
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A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] inkweaver !
I hope you had a magnificent day. All of the best for the next year with lots of fandoms to enjoy.

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Right so this is the 4th/5th time but still:

Happy Birthday [personal profile] dark_kana  !!! 
I hope you have a purrr-fect day with the people you love!

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To those who celebrate: Happy Easter!

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My father is almost an addict for shampoo, always trying new ones.
So I got him yet another one for Father's Day tomorrow here in Belgium.
I usually try to draw something for special days but this year I decided to buy a commercial card. However, inspired by Sabine Forget's illustrations I'd seen in UK's Marie Claire,  I decided to try something alike. Whereas she used ink I decided to go for the old water colours I had left.

Image )

It's far from SF's exquisite illustrations but I'm happy enough with it. I'll definitely try more pieces like this.
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Title:Another Chance
Warning:Possibility of under-age drinking (no ages are given) AU (
Word Count:2392
Summary:High school AU. Remus attends a prestigious high school on a scholarship and made fast friends with Sirius Black. Their relationship changed however when Sirius spilled a secret of his.

Another Chance

Written by Lhune,
Beta by Dark_kana and Inkweaver
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I have wished you one in RL yesterday but also online, if one day late this time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] inkweaver  !

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] dark_kana [profile] feelsthemagic!
I hope you'll have a fantastic day with friends and family, lovely presents, 1 or 2 (or more?) birthday cakes and simply great fun!
Surely we'll have a blast this evening when we go bowling XD 

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AbeBooks.co.uk gave me a voucher (which I will not use this time)
and reminded  of the benefits of reading a book ^___^

Fact: Reading can make you a better conversationalist.
Fact: Neighbours will never complain that your book is too loud.
Fact: Knowledge by osmosis has not yet been perfected. You'd better read.
Fact: Books have stopped bullets - reading might save your live

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We've seen Blood Rain many times over the past years...
It's a slightly creepy name but it's nothing more harmless then rainclouds that carry sand from the southern desserts with them. I quote BBC.co.uk :

"Blood rain" a term used for rain carrying sand from deserts. When the rain falls it looks a reddish colour and when it dries off it leaves a thin layer of dust which can also be red, hence the name. It is capable of coating houses, cars and garden furniture."

I'm glad it's nothing horrific, with Halloween to come my mind always expects the worst ^^;

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Chopping nuts to tiny pieces is great for the muscles in your arms =_= Seriously.
This new recipe was on my fridge for quite some time already.
  • Veal chop with a crust of walnuts and chestnuts, since I didn't have a blender as they mention in the recipe I opted for the manual chopping.
  • Oyster mushrooms and chantarelle with herbs,
  • Mashed potatoes to finish it off.
It's nice to know I don't have to think about dinner tomorrow. I'll meet up with my parent, one of my cousins, his wife and their son for lunch after voting in the 'local' elections tomorrow morning. (I think one can compare it to elections in a county?) I'm already looking forward to see them, my second cousin is so very adorable :) If the weather permits it we're going to the playground ^_____^

I've just finished the dishes and have a little time left to brew tea before the next episode of Merlin starts. Blankets, tea and Merlin ♥ ♥ ♥


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